‘Lucky’ Bride Gives Away Her Wedding Dress

What do you do when you’re a deliriously happy new bride who feels like you’ve been given everything you ever wanted? Well, if you’re anything like Alisa Walter, you pass the blessing on in dress form. Walter gifted her gorgeous silk wedding gown to Renee Stroinski, a bride-to-be who couldn’t afford a dress for her own impending ceremony a few years back.

Walter said she felt so lucky to have the wedding of her dreams that she wanted to help someone else experience the same joy. That’s when she hit upon the idea of giving away her $800 dress. She publicized her offer in an online post that contained a photo of the dress. Dozens of requests for the garment were submitted, but Walter says she was particularly struck by one message. Stroinksi, a New Jersey student with thousands of dollars of college debt, expressed the same strong desire to pay the blessing forward by passing the dress to another economically challenged bride.


“Today” got word of Walter’s gesture and invited the ladies to meet on the show for the hand-off. Their on-air segment was quite touching. Stroinski was teary-eyed as she sized up her new gown. “I knew it was the one before I even knew I could have it,” she said. In a beautiful touch of cosmic coincidence, the ladies are the same dress size.

What a beautiful gesture and a wonderful way to build up good karma for a new marriage.