Wedding dress options for straps and sleeves

Many brides have a clear mental idea of what their dress will look like from the bodice down. They can describe in detail all the pickups on the gown portion, what the bead pattern is on the upper half and how many laces they need to have done up on the bottom. But there’s one dress component that oftentimes hasn’t been settled in the mind’s eye — whether the dress will have straps.

Straps…yay or nay?

Going strapless sounds like a great idea until you try on your old strapless bra and panic that you may need more support. Thankfully, bridal lingerie takes this important matter to heart. You will need to budget for proper undergarments as this is a vital piece of the dress fitting puzzle. Don’t forget to discuss undergarments with your bridesmaids to ensure everyone is looking and feeling their best. Have your bridal lingerie on for your alteration appointments.

It is completely normal to fall in love with your wedding dress only to wonder if altering the existing straps would make you love it even more. Be open with the seamstress or the dress attendant you are working with.

Explain any issues you have and experiment freely. If you want to add straps to a dress, the seamstress can use leftover material from your newly hemmed dress, fringe that is on your veil or even bridal belts to construct the straps of your dreams. Thankfully, there is a myriad of wedding dress options for straps and sleeves.

Spaghetti straps

Spaghetti straps offer that extra support and can produce a slimming illusion for wider shoulders. Wider straps may add some visual interest to a tinier bust line. Delicate crystal embellishments can easily be integrated for extra pizzazz. Even the smallest spaghetti strap can provide a wealth of support.

Halter style

If Marilyn Monroe is your idol or a Hollywood Glam wedding theme is what you have been dreaming about, consider the halter style strap. This style goes around your neck and is an ideal way to show off your toned, sexy arms.

Jane of the Jungle

Over one shoulder single strap dresses offer the best of both worlds. You can show off a little of your upper back while still enjoy some overall support. Unleash your wild side and try on some non-symmetrical dresses just to get an idea. You never know, your semi-strapless gown could be out there waiting for you.

The main thing to remember is that there is a variety of strap widths and styles so you have plenty of good options. A simple strap alteration can completely transform the way you feel about your appearance in a particular dress, sending your confidence levels over the moon.

Adding sleeves

Adding sleeves is an option for those who simply desire to be covered, based on their own feelings or the nature of the venue for the ceremony (in a conservative place of worship, for example). Detachable sleeves, shawls and short jackets are other solutions a competent alterations team can handle quite easily.

You also have choices when it comes to sleeves. Do you prefer cap sleeves cut on an angle or full gossamer coverage? Traditional lace or see through gauze material are popular options for keeping you cooler at summer weddings or while you’re partying the night away at the reception.

Just stay positive about all aspects of finding and perfecting your wedding dress. Don’t get stressed out, but rather remind yourself that by the time your wedding day arrives, everything will be long since settled and you will look stunning walking the aisle in the dress of your dreams.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh has a plethora of strap and sleeve options among our wide selection of top designer wedding dresses. You are certain to find the ideal bridal gown when you shop with us. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Triangle’s premier bridal salon.